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I come from a long line of artists in my family. My passion for art started when I was probably about 4 or 5 and I would watch my mother create huge masterpieces in her art studio at our house. I would sit and attempt to draw different animals, wishing I could be as good as her!
I traced a lot and used drawing guides in my early years. My mom would also give me pointers. As I went into my teen years, art became a kind of sanctuary for me. I'd draw for hours and hours most days.
At one point in those years I took a wrong turn and got into some trouble. After some extreme hardship, I found sobriety. I had my daughter not long after and I decided to pick up the paint brush again. I'd paint on the floor of my living room with her in my lap!
And I've been painting non-stop ever since! Most of my art revolves around animals and landscapes, the 2 things that bring me most joy besides my daughter! But I also love creating little characters! And I'm proud to say that today I have 10.5 years of sobriety! I'm so very lucky to have had another chance at life and to have my art selling to collectors all around! It truly is a miracle! And the line seems to be continuing as my daughter buds as a brand new artist!

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