Shipping Policy

Shipping policy

Please make sure you check with the carriers’ fees before purchasing. By placing an order with us, you agree to pay all import fees and taxes if applicable. Failure to pay these fees does not qualify you for a refund if the package is returned to us.

If we are filing a claim with the insurance company for carrier mishandling, DO NOT throw out any of the packaging and damaged products until the claim is paid. If you throw the items out and the insurance carrier asks for more pictures that you can’t provide and therefore denies the claim, we are not responsible for refunding.

Bella Art de Nicole 3D Printed and Resin Items are MADE TO ORDER

3D Printed and Resin items are made to order and so the items are made specifically for you after you purchase. We don’t accept returns or exchanges as we can’t guarantee the items you purchased would sell. 

While we strive to ship orders out as soon as possible, we do not have an inventory of 3D printed items. Orders are added to our printing que as they are placed. Our "in stock" inventory is based on how much we can print in a reasonable amount of time which we currently consider 1.5 to 2.5 weeks (excluding holidays). Some of our larger items can take up to 16 hours to print and we currently handle orders for about 25 customers/day.

Bella Art Diamonds Items will ship from either the US or our supplier in China. Most Diamond Paintings we have in stock but on rare occasions we may need to produce more kits, which will add to the processing time. 

If you purchase a pre-order and add other items, everything will not ship until the pre-order is recived from the supplier and ready to send. 

International shipping for Bella Art Diamonds - the price includes the cost of the kit and average shipping. All taxes and fees are included. The kit will be sent from our supplier anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months after ordering.

Pre-orders United States for Bella Art Diamonds - orders will be placed on the 1st of each month following any pre-orders that are placed. It will then take the supplier 20-25 days to produce kits, a month for us to receive the kits, then we will unpack and inventory the kits to start sending out pre-orders. Dependong on when you order it can take 2-3 months for you to receive your order.

Our processing time for Diamond Paintings is 7 business days after receiving your order confirmation. Processing times may be longer during holidays and periods of high order volume. Delivery times vary from country to country. After the order is processed it will take approximately 7-21 working days for you to receive your order.

If you order both 3D Printed and/or Resin Items AND Diamond Painting Kits, they will not ship until the 3D Printed or Resin items are complete. They may ship separately if the Diamond Painting must come from our supplier.

We unfortunately cannot make a claim on lost packages until 60 days after international orders and 30 days after US orders have shipped. We get packages out as fast as we can, but once it is in the carrier's hands, we no longer have control of how fast the package arrives. Shipping carriers are hard on packages, so we purchase insurance on our packages. We need your help to get all the pictures necessary to make a claim, so do not throw anything out including the box and bubble wrap until the claim is finished.

If your order has been marked as delivered at the correct address by the carrier, but you have not received your order we will not be able to issue a refund/replacement due to theft or mishandling by the carrier. We will assist you with making a claim with the carrier but there is no gaurantee they will cover it.

With 3D printing there might be imperfections, but it does not interfere with functionality. If you have issues with functionality, please reach out. An example of an imperfection would be an extra piece of filament printed into the lid that does not affect functionality at all. 

Due to things beyond our control, such as limitations within the Shopify platform as well as space available, we cannot combine shipping on orders placed separately. Please keep this in mind when planning to place multiple orders.

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