Shipping Policy


Due to an increase in delayed packages we are purchasing additional insurance on all orders. We unfortunately cannot make a claim on lost packages until 60 days after International orders and 30 days after US orders have shipped. Please be patient as the pandemic has caused major disruptions in the global shipping infrastructure. We get packages out as fast as we can, but once it is in the carrier's hands we no longer have control on how fast the package arrives. If you would like faster shipping and more insurance choose Priority Shipping USPS or UPS Ground shipping. 

If we are filing a claim with the insurance company for carrier mishandling, DO NOT throw out any of the packaging and damaged products until the claim is paid. If you throw the items out and the insurance carrier asks for more pictures that you can’t provide and therefore denies the claim, we are not responsible for refunding.

Everything is made to order and so the items are made specifically for you after you purchase. We don’t accept returns or exchanges as we can’t guarantee the items you purchased would sell. 

While we strive to ship orders out as soon as possible, we do not have an inventory of items. Orders are added to our printing que as soon as they are placed. Our "in stock" inventory is based on how much we can make in a reasonable amount of time which we currently consider 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 weeks. Some of our larger items can take up to 16 hours to print and we currently handle orders for about 25 customers/day.

Due to things beyond our control, such as limitations within the Shopify platform as well as space available, we can not combine shipping on orders placed separately. Please keep this in mind when planning to place multiple orders.

We are a small home business and have limited space for printers, but we are always looking for ways to innovate and expand so that we can reduce shipping lead times while still maintaining our high quality standards.

PRIOR TO 5/13/2021 If you pay for First Class Shipping, it doesn't have any insurance against damage, loss, or theft. If you would like to have insurance, faster shipping, and enhanced tracking please upgrade to Priority Shipping USPS or UPS Ground. We are not responsible for mishandling of packages once they are dropped off with the carrier and so upgrading shipping to include insurance will help protect you against this.