About Us

We are a husband and wife duo! Jamie has served almost 20 years in the US Air Force (officially retires April 1, 2024) and Nicole is the diamond painter. When I found this wonderful new hobby called Diamond Painting, I asked Jamie to make me some 3D printed things to help with not spilling drills and flipping the drills over better. Never did I imagine that other people would want them, but soon our page was blowing up with people wanting to purchase and we will have been serving the Diamond Painting Community for 4 years in April 2024. We've gotten a lot of positive feedback and hope that you find these tools helpful, too! We also acquired a Diamond Painting company January 2023 and have been making big improvements to the quality. We strive to have excellent products and customer service. Any questions, comments, or concerns just reach out. Thanks for supporting our small military family owned businesses!
Contact us at: Sales@bellaartdenicole.com
Located in New Mexico, USA