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Bella Art de Nicole

Snow Girl

Snow Girl

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A little elf girl enjoying the magic of snow.

Artwork by Luisa María

The rounds are acrylic drills and the squares are resin drills.

All kits include everything you need:

  • 1 Branded box with artwork sticker
  • 1 Premium printed canvas with plastic cover
  • 1 Plastic dust bag
  • 1 Set of color coded drills in resealable bags
  • 1 Pre-cut color code sticker sheet with artwork sticker
  • 1 Resealable tool kit with:
    • 1 Bella Art de Nicole Essential Tray
    • 1 Drill applicator
    • 1 Tweezer
    • 1 Pen grip
    • 1 Wax container with 3 blue wax pads
    • 1 Washi tape, and
    • 3 Multi-placers


Round, Square


60 cm x 68 cm (23.62" x 26.77")


Round – 47 Colors (including 3 AB)
Square – 48 Colors (including 4 AB)


Round – 50,880
Square – 65,520

*International Shipping – the price includes the cost of the kit and average shipping. All taxes and fees are included. The kit will be sent from our supplier anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months after ordering, The supplier is on vacation for the month of February, shipping times will go down after they are back from their vacation.

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