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Bella Art de Nicole

NEW Silk Colors for Multiple Bella Art de Nicole Diamond Painting Stackable Drill Trays

NEW Silk Colors for Multiple Bella Art de Nicole Diamond Painting Stackable Drill Trays

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This will be a listing with silk colors when we have the filament available. Pictures will be added once we get orders, see the example pictures for reference. Shades of colors may change based on filament availability.

*PATENT PENDING on our tray design*. We do limited release of colors. So check back for more color options. Colors may vary slightly from the picture as your lighting may be different. Modifications from the typical trays made: higher walls to help with shaking drills, inside lines thicker to help with turning drills over, drills catch inside the lines to make it easier to pick up multiple drills, and hole to pour drills out. Use the lid to help with pouring out drills and storage.

Small Tray Dimensions: 3.375in x 2.375in x .75in
Large Tray Dimensions : 5.25in x3.125in x .75in
Tray Depth: .75in

"Max" Tray Dimensions:
Tray dimensions: 6.625x4.75x.875in
Tray depth: .875in

The lids slide into place. They are designed to stack and save space. Multiple trays can be stacked on top of each other.

For EZ Grid trays we altered our original trays to include grid lines! This tray helps with single placing and multi-placing.

Thingiverse Tray Customized by Jamie dimensions: 7.75in x3.25in x.75in
Tray Depth:  .75 in
Original public file tray designer 2018: Our modified tray not for commercial use but you can print for personal use: See this video for insight into how Jamie modified the file and give credit to the original designers:

Everything is made to order and may take 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 business weeks to ship based on demand, but we always strive to shorten that if possible. Quality is our #1 priority.

With 3D printing, there might be some slight imperfections, but it does not interfere with functionality. If you have any issues, reach out to us.

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