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Bella Art de Nicole

In The Below

In The Below

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A stunning seahorse 

Artwork by Lea Barozzi

*The square version of this kit came with the wrong drills originally. So, we are waiting for the supplier to send the drills we need and then we can list the square version, too. 

All kits include everything you need:

  • 1 Branded box with artwork sticker
  • 1 Premium printed canvas with plastic cover
  • 1 Plastic dust bag
  • 1 Set of color coded drills in resealable bags
  • 1 Pre-cut color code sticker sheet with artwork sticker
  • 1 Resealable tool kit with:
    • 1 Bella Art de Nicole Essential Tray
    • 1 Drill applicator
    • 1 Tweezer
    • 1 Pen grip
    • 1 Wax container with 3 blue wax pads
    • 1 Washi tape, and
    • 3 Multi-placers


Round, Square


40 cm x 56 cm (15.75" x 22.05")


Round – 32 Colors (including 4 AB)
Square – 32 Colors (including 2 AB)


Round – 27,918
Square – 35,840

*International Shipping – the price includes the cost of the kit and average shipping. All taxes and fees are included. The kit will be sent from our supplier anywhere from 3 weeks to 2 months after ordering, The supplier is on vacation for the month of February, shipping times will go down after they are back from their vacation.

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