Pre-Order Bella Art's SPOOKTACULAR Essentials Mystery Box

Pre-Order Bella Art's SPOOKTACULAR Essentials Mystery Box

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We are excited to be a sponsor for #drillsandchills2022 and #festivalofwitches2022 (Diamond Painting Community Events) and we have created a few special things to go with the events! This listing is for the Essentials Mystery Box and will be available while supplies last. The boxes will represent both Fall and Halloween, including colors of items. Some of the colors may be duplicated but we will give as much variety as we can. We will be offering some different coverminders from last year's essentials box. The coverminders will be smaller than the ones offered in the Ultimate box. The exclusive tray color is the same for all boxes.

This is a pre-order. The boxes will start being sent out August 19th. We will prioritize sending international orders out first, since these will take longer to be delivered. 

If you order other items with the box, we will send everything together and so if you don’t want to wait for the other items we suggest purchasing separately.

The prices reflect an already applied 15%+ discount. Here is what is included:

Exclusive Large Tray OR 2 Small Trays
2 Coverminders
Special Halloween Themed Wax Holder

Quality is our #1 priority. With 3D printing, there might be some slight imperfections, but it does not interfere with functionality. If you have any issues, reach out to us. There are variations in color based on filament we have on hand at the time.