Bella Art's Drills and Chills Mini Mystery Box

Bella Art's Drills and Chills Mini Mystery Box

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We are excited to be a sponsor for #drillsandchills2021 (Diamond Painting Community Event) and we have created a few special things to go with it! This listing is for the Mini Mystery Box and will be available while supplies last. The price reflects an already applied 12% discount. This is what is included:

2 Exclusive Small Trays OR 1 Exclusive Large Tray
2 Coverminders
1 Multi-placer

Surprise mystery tray color is exclusive to these boxes. Mystery colors for the tools to fit the theme of the event. Some of the colors may be duplicated but we will give as much variety as we can. 

Everything is made to order and may take 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 business weeks to ship based on demand, but we are listing these now so we start getting them sent out before the event starts. Quality is our #1 priority.

With 3D printing, there might be some slight imperfections, but it does not interfere with functionality. If you have any issues, reach out to us.

There are variations in color based on filament we have on hand at the time.