December Blog Post

This is the page for our small military family owned business: We 3D print tools that make Diamond Painting easier and more enjoyable. Tray releases and restocking of items are most Tuesdays at 12:30PM MDT and 6:30PM MDT. All other items get restocked on tray release days, so you can buy everything together.
There will be no tray releases on 12/20 and 12/27 since we will be out of town for the holidays and then moving Jamie to his next base. Lots of exciting stuff this month with #betheherodpalong join the FB group listed under our link.tree
We typically do a TikTok to show the week’s tray colors and any other items we are listing here: TikTok:
Our next event we are hosting is BeTheHeroDPAlong. Join the group and don’t forget to subscribe to and hit the 🔔 You can check out our YouTube lives on Saturday’s at 1:30PM MDT.
Everything is made to order. We get everything printed, filament cleaned off, and packaged up ASAP. We only list as much as we can print and send 1 1/2 - 2 1/2 weeks after ordering.
1 set is 2 small trays + 2 small sliding lids + 1 large tray + 1 large sliding lid and stoppers for all trays. Or you can get the 2 smalls with lids and stoppers or 1 large with lid and stopper. “Max” tray, 3 Divider Tray, and Thingiverse trays are listed separately.
We do limited color releases of our trays. This is to not clog up printers changing filament too often. Quality is important to us and so we take time to get everything printed, cleaned up, and carefully packaged. We also make sure to purchase quality filament. Colors may vary slightly from pictures because your lighting can be different.
If you have any additional questions, please reach out to Thanks for supporting our small business! 🇺🇸 🦋 💎 🖼 - Nicole and Jamie

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